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Get your own banana trees at:

The Washington Banana Museum
More cool stuff than you can shake a banana at, all collected in one place.
There is a massive undertaking going on by the good folks at Bananaland....
They are trying to get an Encyclopedia Bananica published. So far they have accumulated an enormous wealth of background information, recipes, jokes etc. about banana's.
There are some pretty nifty facts to be gleaned from this site which is about what makes the noble Banana tick. Do a search for banana.

INIBAP Factsheets
A very thorough collection of pdf files about Bananas can be found here. It includes files on the various diseases and files on how to recognise the various species.

Banana Lover's day
Every August 27th is Banana Lover's day. Why not send an e-card?

More links:
Banana genome unpeeled (subscribers only, check if your local library has access!)
Information about the Panama disease
Large portal about our friend the Banana (contains loads of unrelated commercials though)

Bananas in Pyjamas

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