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OOOk Default: The banana homage pages.

Bananas are everywere.
We eat them.
We sleep with them.
These pages are for them.

spinning banana

We have searched the web for cool banana-sites and have made a stringent selection of the pages and sites found so that you, the discerning banana-lover can enjoy the best banana-sites the world wide web has to offer.

But first: what are bananas? How do they grow, what is their purpose. Some (or maybe all) of these questions will be answered by this section. The morphology of bananas.

We have selected a few sites of special interest. The links are here.

There are a lot of myths about bananas. The cold facts are here.

We said that bananas are everywhere. To prove it we made a search on the Internet Movie Database. View the results for moviequotes or filmtitles.

There are a lot of perverts around. They specialise in degrading the dignity of the noble banana. We have come across numerous sites exploiting bananas. For the sake of completeness we have included a few such samples. (Warning! Explicit material.)

And what would a site about bananas be without recipes?? We don't know, however, there are strong debates running within OOOk Default: whether or nor providing recipes on bananas is ethical. So in the meantime no recipes. Check back for more on this issue.


Bananas rule OOOK!!!

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