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PHP scripts

HB-NS (Harold Bakker's NewsScript) version 1.3

A simple php script to enable you to update a webpage with short to medium long pieces of text, without having to use an HTML editor and ftp client.

Description, readme.
Frequently Asked Questions
Download version 1.3, 11-03-2008.
Downloads so far:

Mail on 404

A snippet of PHP code which will send you an e-mail every time a document is requested that is no longer there (the dreaded "404 - page not found" syndrome).

Command Line Fun

Commandline PHP script to urlencode and urldecode a string of text.
Updated on 22-08-2003.

iTunes Library searchscript

This script will only work after you have run phptunest to insert your iTunes library into a MySQL database.

Download the latest release verion version 1.1, 28-11-2003.
See it in action: Search for My Dying Bride on my machine at home.

More to come

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