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Perfecting Space-Time in my Spare-Time part 2

In my previous "scripture" - if you'll allow me this little idiosyncrasy - I expressed my deep worries about the nature of my existence and my fear of having in some way altered the nature of reality in possibly harmful ways. During the past few weeks I have come to ponder on this point of view time and time again. Slowly little pieces began to fit together. In a way a gestalt was created, a new way to see life, existence and even the very fabric of reality itself. I believe now that I was incorrect when I stated I was changing circumstances in the space-time continuum. In a way everyone does that, constantly; but not to the degree that I thought possible.

My inner worries were created, it now seems, by the slow emergence of my true perception of myself. (And, coinciding with that, my perception of reality.)
This is how it happened:
Some time ago I was worried by the apparent gaps in my memory. At that time I did not think myself crazy, nor do I now. The gaps were periods in which I transversed into this reality. The one I inhabit now, I mean. Not the one in which you are reading this.

You are indeed curious creatures. In fact you are so tremendously alien to me I find it difficult to believe I once lived in your reality. Of course I didn't really live amongst you. I was always right here. Being treated. Insanity (or unsanity) is rare among us, yet we know how to treat it. The process is slow and very unpleasant for the victim of insanity. Certainly in the beginning the victim fails to understand, not only this reality, but also the reality in which he formerly "lived".

The pseudo-realities (as they are called) into which the insane retreat are varied. Only the really ill imagine themselves to be part of a terrestrial (that is: land-based) intelligent society. The idea of a land dwelling intelligence is purely revolting to me now. We know on an intellectual basis this is not possible. Cravity precludes any landliving creature developing the extra brain capacity needed to evolve a neural system big enough to let its thoughts roam free on the path to intelligence. (Please allow me these poetic words.) Only immersed in water can this process take place.

These concepts must seem strange to you. Perhaps stranger than you appear to us.
But let me tell you, however briefly, something about us. We are a species closely resembling your octopus. Like them, we have eight tentacles and two eyes which closely resemble theirs. We have cities like you , only deep in the sea, floating. In fact the contact with earth or soil has become repugnant to us. How sick I must have been, indeed. Our societies resemble each other also rather closely. We have adopted after thousands of years a community based on science, rationality and technology. However, our political ideologies differ greatly. So much so, in fact, that I find it difficult to explain it adequately in semantic symbols you would recognise as meaningful.
I'II just cut it short by saying we do not vote for any one person or political party. We are above such things, in fact the concept of voting for personalities and ideas are alien to us. We are, I think, more of one mind than you are, but as you are only the figment of a deranged imagination, there should be no surprise in this. Also the concept of war sickens us. So much so, in fact, that some of my "healers" were forced to retire early when they realized I had retreated into a warring society.

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