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Perfecting Space-Time in my Spare-Time part 1

Scientists have let us know that there appear to be seriously worrying gaps in the fundamental fabric of the Space-iime continuum. I never thought this would be my problem; let alone my fault. (Or even true!) However, recent events have made me question this... Allow me to elucidate this probably curious statement.

I have reason to believe that I am, indeed, responsible for this serious problem. In the last few months strange gaps have appeared in my personal life. I alone seem to realize this. None of the people who are in close contact with me have remarked upon this. This, too, is telling. I have come to the conclusion that there are only two possible solution to this. Namely:
1. I am crazy;
2. my future self is (actively) interfering with my personal life at this stage.
Since I cannot allow reason 1 to be true, nothing could ever make sense then, and I would be powerless to do anything about this I am forced to adopt reason 2. This leads me to the dual conclusions that I am:
first of all, not crazy and, second that I am mucking up Space-Time in a fundamentally unsound way.

At this stage in my life I have no good explanation for my future behaviour. I am aware now that fiddling with Space-Time is a deadly serious matter. I can find no possible reason to make good any such behaviour. If I know this now, I must be aware of this in a later stage of my life. The reason I am doing this (or rather the future me) must therefore be because of a problem that appears later in my life-path. I can only suppose my future self is trying, desperately, to prevent some terrible catastrophe which, at this time, is unforeseeable, yet whose first stages are in the process of appearing now. Some glimpse of how desperate my future self is can be gleaned from the fact that he (my future self) has let me become aware of his active interference. Surely if I , later on in life , have the power to influence past circumstances I also have the power to prevent anyone , including myself, from noticing this. For this there can only be one explanation: my future self needs my help! He needs me to help him in his desperate struggle to prevent aforementioned catastrophe of whose origins I am (sadly) unaware. I will have to try to come to a definitive conclusion on how to help myself. (Oh, irony of ironies!) With what, however, I have no idea. These writings are an attempt to grasp what I must do, since "he" and I cannot communicate actively. (He'd have done so if he could, I'm sure.) I will therefore write until I come to a definite conclusion about what to do about what.

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