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Musings on Go(o)d and Abstracts of an Absurd's Life History, or: I haven't the answers, I haven't a clue

The Moonlit-sky, a Silvery Hue.
The good re not good
By virtue of absense of evil or bad
Rather because of an absense of intent
On inflicting hurt or pain.

When reality becomes the norm
You had better fucking conform.
When over your life
There hangs a black cloud
Make sure to be scorned
But never sell out.

A pretty damn sight better
Is this weathered marble slab
Than you in your fury
As you prey upon souls and stab
And stabÚ and stabÚ and stabÚ

I am filled with emptiness
neither food nor drug, nor drink can quench
Feel the cavern of my mindÚ
The cave that holds my I
The blackness that pervades within
The shrouds of insanity

Guard the centres of consciousness
Beware and behold
That you never speak your mind
Never to release the madness within
The beast must be locked
Retrogression docked

The passion of the beast
Is not to be denied
Watch lest it be released
For he wears the crown of lies
The blackness within us all.

I will look down, deep down
Into the pit
That is supposed to house
My soul

I feel the need to cry
Yet somehow I cannot
Conflicting memories burn in me
Consuming my soul, draining my life.

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