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Written by Harold Bakker and Dirk Koolmees

"I wanna be with you"
"No you can't
You keep your bloody cat to yourself
You should be glad he's still alive.
I expect you to clean my house before the Niagarafalls
Because my home is my castle."

Look at the spies on the other side
Their chimneys are full of missiles.
They keep records of our life, conversations and cats
While Tarzan swings from tree to tree
The robotpigeon checks the roof.
The neighbours are pissed off.

Behind the blue, strange things happen
A toilet blushes easily,
Another neighbour is constructing submarines.
Worlddomination for me and your cat.

What's cooking?

It's quite easy
You drop the chips in the boiling grease
And before you know it
Another heartattack

Add some curry, vinegar and salt
All these things are insured to make you feel quite ill.
Time it well, think about what you are doing
(keep the greater plan in mind).
Soggy beans, dreadful taste
The chickenbones are hard to chew on
Especially because they are not there:
They have been executed.

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