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In visions of fire-streaked skies I often visit the dragons of infinity
In a multitude of universes
Each self-similar across scale

Hysterics come over me,
As visions engulf me

Dreamlike flowers of fantasy
Paying chess with Lucifer
In a flicker of intelligence
Suddenly I see:
"Through a looking-glass, clearly"
The fundamental questions of reality
(and the way in which we (appear to) perceive it):

Organic life: fact or fiction?
How much intelligence does one need to stalk a leaf?
Power over Chaos, or dissipating energy of entropy?
What is it really like: Impregnating Sigourney Weaver?

This is all just to show
The depths of even superficial intelligence.
The dragons, they rise above
Our pathetic low-dimensional outlook
- Clearly, it is they who know -
But beware, they are psychic, hungry and openly hostile.

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