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Saw Throat - Inde$troy

Saw Throat's post-apocalyptic album Inde$troy (or Indestroy) is a very hard to find album by grind gods Sore Throat, who renamed themselves for this album.
This is one of the first albums to take a hard look at humanity's abuse of nature and even after 20 years it's still frightening in it's accuracy, even though some stuff, like CFC's and dioxins, aren't as much in the news anymore as they were in the late 80's and early 90's. Sore Throat, of course, are famous for making albums with dozens of songs (Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid has 90 songs on one side) but for this one they reverted to just one, spanning both sides of an LP, though truth be told they did kind of break it up in sections.

The album has been out of print for ages but with a bit of diligence you can find some torrents or even a second hand copy of the LP. The lyrics however are impossible to find. Luckily I made a copy of a friend's album ages ago and I've transcribed them as best I can. Unfortunately it's not always straightforward as the order of the lyrics is non-linear and some parts are not transcribed in the liner notes while others appear to have no existence in the actual recording.

Here's how to read the lyrics:
I have put in approximate times for the chapters. Chapter names do not appear on the record but can be gleaned from the internet, whether these are accurate or even have a basis in reality is anyone's guess. Chapter 6's title is unknown to me and the lyrics are completely incomprehensible as Saw Throat appears to be channeling either Chtulhu or, alternatively, earlier albums. They do not appear to bear any relation to the text I have put there, but as this text doesn't appear anywhere else in the album I thought I'd fit 'em there and be done with it. In any case listening to this album requires one to commit fully to the doomy industrial experience, warts and all.

Indentation provides clues as to the disposition of the lyrics. Text with one indentation (like Emerge from the cold depths...) is sung, text with 2 indentations (Temples of annihilation...) doesn't appear on the album as far as I can tell and text that has no indentation (Most people do not realise the power which genius possesses...) doesn't appear in the lyrics and is spoken more than sung. It should be noted that in the early '90's a lot of illegal taping and tape trading was going on and some versions of this album do not contain the spoken introduction and may also miss the final alarmclock ringing. Your milage may vary. Total time of the recording I have is 41:26.

SAW THROAT - INDE$TROY (Manic Ears, 1989)

"The meek shall inherit the earth...
The meek shall inherit the excrement of western society"

0:00 - Intro/Hatred

Most people do not realise the power which genius possesses
Of comprehending the essence of a subject
Without the need of learning it laboriously

Natural resources are obsolete
Nuclear power has poisoned the earth
The air is unsafe to breathe
The weak are dying
Soon to be dead
And the strong are losing their strength
The atmosphere barely exists
Rivers [???]
Humidity accelerates infection and disease
DesolationIndestroy - Lungs gasping for air

Emerge from the cold depths
Lungs gasping for air
The windswept coast holds no love
Nor shows no sign of fear
But born from the sea
Is this evil malignant force
Which indulges in the pleasures of the flesh
And defies nature's laws
The contempt for creation
Has never felt so strong
A prime (evil) spawn of hate
Been submerged for so long

The cold, dark shore
Yields to cold, damp flesh
In the ascent to evilutionary destruction
By an inhuman agonising death
A pain so cold, so immense
It tears at the fibre of your being
The knowledge of a paradise lost
From the ultimate killing machine

Prime hate
Man's hate

10:55 - Land

Teeth of steel
Bite hard and deep
There's murder in their eyes
The cancerous growth
Creeps slowly forward
Multinational progressive ecocide

Another life hacked down
By the axe of wealth
And the slaughter rages on
An ecological cull
Of plants and trees
Until all the forests are gone

What gives you the right
To mutilate the land?
Your slobbering jaws of progress
Death pays cash in hand

More sun scorched earth
Becomes desert sand
More barren lifeless plains
Oxygen starvation from lack of trees
The price to pay
For your financial gains

Get the fuck off our land!

14:19 - WasteIndestroy - Return to Eden

Return to Eden
The domain of man
Of concrete seas
And radioactive sand
He builds his fortress
Of plastic and steel
And buries his waste
In the once green fields
Dig the grave
To hide the corpse
Society's regurgitations
To poison the soul
Polystyrene and foam

Plastic and glass
Aerosols and fridges
For C.F.C. gas
Paper and card
The flesh of the tree
Return to the birthplace
In the form of debris

Society truly is
So full of shit
Instead of corrective action
We just bury it!

17:55 - Air

A smog polluted atmosphere
With a dust cloud sky
Toxic gas oxygen
Can you fucking breathe
The burning pain in your lungs
Will bring you to your knees
Stare across the city
To the dioxin skyline
Do you feel no remorse
At the indestroy cause

Run inside
It's going to rain
Acid tears of death
Hurled from heaven above
A natural element
Turned to an unnatural foe
Vegetation massacred
By it's own life force
Indestroy creations
Spewn out to rise

21:10 - EnergyIndestroy - The bastard child of progress

If on earth is a heavenly bliss
It is this...
It is this...

Is endless cheap energy
Such a gift from the gods?
The strontium 90 genocide
Brings a silent massacre of life

The bastard child of progress
Giver of reactor offspring
Sealed alive in concrete cradles
They in turn begin to breed

Mutoid leukemia children
Maimed by radiation lust
Death ray leaks from human error
Cancerous lungs from fallout dust

Melt down and out
We're thermonuclear fucked
A half life of 100 years
For the fusion rivers of sludge

24:05 - ?

Temples of annihilation
An ever breeding beast
Bones of iron
Flesh created from stone
Eyes of glass
A plastic unfeeling soul
Carbon masters become slaves
Feed the insatiable lust
For the fields and trees
And turn them into dust

Onwards and upwards
Will it ever stop?
Concrete demons claim the land
And obliterate the sun

27:25 - Water

At war again
With the other seven tenths
Our culture's waste
We bestow on themIndestroy - A radioactive concrete sea

The effluent pipes
That choke their life
Continually spew out
The disease of mankind
Clogged up gills
From tanker spills
The spreading black mire
That also kills

The undersea forests
Face a raw sewage hate
They too must die
From a mercury fate

The once blue seas
Have now become brown
From society's shit
That we forced down
Dioxin, chemical death
Or a toxic waste
What beauty the oceans possess
Is been erased

30:43 - Outro/Ignorance

A state of curfew has been imposed
Social structures have collapsed
Morality is extinct
We're on the eve of destruction
There is no turning back
We were warned
We were warned
We are living on a doomed planet

We're losing our world
And it's your decision
To have it crushed in the cogs
Of the capitalist system
Man still consumes
Throughout every nation
Ignorant of the fact
Of impending annihilation
We're raping mother earth
We're tearing at her flesh

But we don't fucking worry
"Because the government knows best"

Well what's gonna happen
When only deserts are left
A radioactive, concrete sea
Excuse your stupidity then

Whatever we can do we will try to do

Indestroy lyrics
click image for extra large version of dubious quality

The copy I made a long time ago of the liner notes is of rather poor quality, it's 2 A3 papers side by side, hence the annoying line when you zoom in on that part. Deal with it. Copyright images Steve Hutton; lyrics Saw Throat/Manic Ears (I guess).

You can read more about Sore Throat on the following site:

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