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This corner of the site contains some of Harold's personal stuff.

Here you will find some goodies to download, like my Astronomy Picture of the Day script that will set todays picture as your desktop background, and some of the absurd stuff I've written over the years. I'll also provide some other stuff I'll deem necessary.

Saw Throat - Inde$troy, notes, thoughts and lyrics for this classic album as they can be found nowhere else.

Some thoughts about Google.

Very popular: A review of The Creeping Terror, a 60's science fiction B-flick with loads and loads of screenshots (large page!).

A tutorial on logging what users do with the FTP server in Mac OS X.

Hey, this is my corner, I can do what I like in here :-)

Also here are some tools for the online browsergame Molehill Empire. Wimp calculator and Quest calculator.

Also be sure to visit Virtual Pet Rock, a cool program for Mac OS X.

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