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Dreamweaver extensions
We have counted more than 9492 downloads of the various extensions for Dreamweaver. That is the combined total for all extensions, both featured at the Macromedia exchange and at this site.

Added a new messageboard. Much more in the way of features and such. I have set up seperate topics for the main sections of the site. Take it for a spin so I can see how it works.
Did some work behind the scenes to improve the usability of the site, like the search results. If anyone knows of a good website synchroniser for Macintosh please let me know.
Oh, and some of the extensions for Dreamweaver were updated. Check 'em out. I know it's what you really came here for... Enjoy!

Woooooo, added a searchengine.
Take it for a spin, knock yourself out.
Also added the banana-homage pages.

Statistics. Gotta love them when they show cool information. It is now two months since the first extension got posted at the Macromedia exchange and in that time we have had just under a thousand visitors. We have also counted more than 2328 downloads of the various extensions for Dreamweaver. That is the combined total for all extensions, both featured at the exchange and at this site.
The sad news is that almost no-one seems to visit any other part of this site. Like the most excellent vj section or the samples therein. Also you can add to this site by way of the messageboard. Tell us what's on your mind.

Dreamweaver extensions
Hey now, welcome to all you Dreamweaver extension visitors. For your convenience I have moved the Dreamweaver extensions to a separate page. Please note that not all extensions have been submitted to the Exchange yet but consider this an extra bonus for all those who visit us.
Be sure to check out Comment Suite, of which I'm really proud. It's a suite containing two commands: Comment Selection and Decomment. Comment Selection will make a comment out any selection, great for if you want to temporarily hide that image, table, piece of text or whatever. Decomment will do the reverse. Enjoy!

Lots and lots of stuff got updated this week. We now have the Central Grinder area up (just click), there are four new quicktime movies and we also have a messageboard, so feel free to wander about a bit. For a complete listing of what's new and where to find it take a look at the history page.

Even older news
Welcome to the new and improved pages of OOOk Default:

We hope that switching the layout will allow us to update the content more frequently. The new pages aren't quite finished yet but you can browse around and rest assured that updates will be frequent.

We will also be bringing you new movies out of our vast reservoir every two months, so bookmark now.

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