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Dreamweaver MX
Well Macromedia has finally made a trial of the new Dreamweaver MX available. I've been testing my extensions and despite some work that has to be done it's looking quite good. I expect to update all extensions in the next week or so, though it might take a little time. Please bear wih me and visit again soon. If you want to receive an email when the new extensions are up please drop a note via the contact form.

The mysterious OOOk Default: fun-app™ for Mac OS X is coming along nicely too. We are currently working on some website and webdatabase integration and the wait will be worth it we hope. If you want to sign up for an upcoming beta and a sneak peek please do not hesitate, we guarantee you will receive the finished product for free (not that anyone else will pay anything, mind you)!

Abbreviation and Acronym
Updated the Abbreviation and Acronym extension after a tip from Ken Husveg. The extension now writes lowercase tags as per W3C recommendation and fixes an issue that some people had when the space between the newly added tag and the next word was removed. This extension is not yet available at the Macromedia Exchange so be sure to get it here first.

Nothing much new to say on the extensibility front.
However: OOOk Default: is currently hard at work creating a very cool program for Mac OS X. We can't say very much about it at the moment but if you're a mac user and would like to see a very cool and fun application for OS X in the spirit of the Talking Moose (only in spirit! mind you) be sure to bookmark this page and visit again in a month or so by which time we hope to have finished up coding the first version. Alternatively you could send your e-mail adress via the contact form and I will be glad to keep you up to date, I promise we won't abuse you with mail or send spam or sell your details. Please also mention if you would be willing to betatest (OSX only for the moment, but include OS version anyway).

On another front I've been tracking the use of these pages for some time now with pphlogger, a very cool free logging tool, it does just about all visitor tracking you could shake a stick at and then some. Most amazing to me was the keywords entered into search engines which led people to this site. Ah, the power of metadata! I never knew I had so much shit one these pages.

Frog animation
Wooo, just created my first flash movie. This movie was inspired by the recent Photoshop this Frog challenge the guys at B3TA ran (lovely site, visit the mainpages or the messageboard chock-full of weird images). It's on a seperate server because of space constraints.
It's an epic romantic thriller featuring a frog chasing a 50's style pinup girl getting rescued by superman (the girl, that is). It has smooches, it has suspence. It's got panache, it's got grindcore music with frog sounds in it. It's 400k worth of humor. Available in all flash enabled webbrowsers near you.

Applescript for BBEdit
I've been spending a lot of time in BBEdit recently coding PHP/mySQL based solutions for my daytime job as a webmaster for the virtual libraries of the Utrecht university of professional education (Hogeschool van Utrecht) so there's not much news on the Dreamweaver extensibility front. I did, however, write a small AppleScript that I thought I'd share with all of you that have BBEdit. It scripts the Prefix/Suffix Lines... Tool to add a tab to the beginning of all selected lines. This is useful if you've just added an if else clause or something and quickly want to indent a selection by a tab more. The script is cut and paste and available here.

Did some behind the scenes work to clear up some code. Deleted the messageboard as no one has used it for over four months. If you spot any problems navigation wise please let me know.

Updated the Doctype Inserter Extension to version 2.0. New in this version: simplified interface, XHTML 1.0 doctypes added. Not yet available on the Macromedia Exchange, as a valued visitor you can get it here first. Go to the extensions.

During the summer holidays I made a custom extension for the people at for use with their online Content Management System iEdit. If you want a custom extension for yourself or your company feel free to contact me, perhaps we can work something out.

ht://Dig Metatags
Added a new extension: ht://Dig MetaTag Generator for use with the search engine ht://Dig. Full documentation provided.

Set Image Title
Added a new extension called Set Image title.
Also updated lots of Dreamweaver extensions during the easter holidays. Go see what's new.

Added a sherlock plug-in for Mac-enabled visitors wishing to search our site from the privacy of their own home.
Simply download it, unstuff and drop the expanded plug-in (it has a barcodelike icon) onto the systemfolder. The finder will place it where it belongs.
Also a new extension called FormMail Helper which helps in adding hidden form elements for use with FormMail from Matt's Script Archive.

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