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Newsscript update
Work on the next version of the PHP newsscript is coming along nicely, it should be ready in a week or two. I am working on automatic newsexpiry, admin script security and mail functionality for collaborative newspages.

I am still looking for more suggestions though, so feel free to mail me.

Newsscript update
Fixed a minor problem with the php script I released a few days ago. This is from the readme:

Version 1.0.1
This version fixes a small problem where the current pagenumber wasn't shown correctly in the header, ie.:
13 newsitems found. Page 1 of 2.

The page x of y wasn't shown correctly. It is fixed now, silly mistake, if you don't feel like downoading again just look for the commented out line
//$page_num = $cur_page + 1;// page number counter
in index.php and remove the first set of comment markers so the line will read:

$page_num = $cur_page + 1;// page number counter

Sorry for the mistake.

Loop QuickTime
I wrote a new AppleScript that tells all QuickTime movies dropped on it to loop, great if you want to tell those 300 movies you have accumulated to loop (or not, it also works the other way round) and don't want to open them all up and set the property by hand and then save the files, which could take quite some time.
Works in Mac OS X 10.1.5 with Applescript 1.8.3 and QuickTime 5.0.2 or higher.

Abbreviation and Acronym
Well now,

more than five months after I began the submission process the latest version of the Abbreviation and Acronym suite is finally online at the Macromedia Exchange. In the end I retracted my request for Macromedia Approval because every time a new "issue" would crop up that prevented approval. Every time "one last issue" had to be resolved and after five months and numerous revisions I got sick of this. The extension is now online with Basic Approval, though the exact same version has been online here for over a month. Pat yourself on the back if you already got it here and remember, stuff wil always be here first, now you know why.

Newsscript released
Woo and jay!

my first PHP script is released, it's a simple newsscript and is (as usual) completely free.
The script is similar to what I use for the news you're reading now on the homepage.
Check it out, there's a demo too, so you can testdrive before you download.

Upcoming changes
A small note to say that I'm busy updating the links in the VJ Tools and general links sections. Some of them have been broken for a while but I've lacked the time to track down the new urls.
I'll have a long summer vacation in a couple of days (working in education has its perks) and after a long weekendtrip to London I'll get to it.
I also hope to get to work on some updated Dreamweaver MX compatible extensions and, who knows, I might even release some of the PHP scripts I've been working on.

But then, I still have to finish painting my house which I was supposed to do on my summer vacation last year. I wonder what will get priority :)

Comment Suite
The Comment Suite extension is finally ready for Dreamweaver MX. There are no new features but if you are still running Dreamweaver 4 and wish to keep up to date please remove your earlier version prior to installing the new one as the name has changed from "Comment Suite DW4" to "Comment Suite".
There is also still a Dreamweaver 3 version available, which won't be updated (ever).
Enjoy, and as ever, if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me using the Mail link under any page.

Abbreviation and Acronym
Updated the Abbreviation and Acronym extension to version 1.1.7.
I introduced a stupid bug in the error checking which led to problems when the extension was run in Dreamweaver 4.
This issue is now fixed, happy downloading.

Site updated
I've redesigned the site completely in honor of it's new home. I hope that with the new design things will be easier to find and I know for a fact that everything will load much quicker.
If you find any bugs like broken links etc. please mail me so I can fix it asap.

Dreamweaver extensions
It might have taken some time but some of my Dreamweaver extenions are now ready for Dreamweaver MX.
I'm still working on some though. Hang in there.

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