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Galápagos Sea Lion playing
I keep forgetting I have some movies from the trip to the Galapagos. They're rather small as I was unfamiliar with the (now deceased) camera but they still manage to look reasonable.

Here's some clips I put together of a young sea lion playing in tidal pools. First it's in a small pool alone looking to see if it can catch a fish (there's at least 3 in there but they're hidden in cracks). After a while the pup gets bored as all it manages to catch is a stick so it sets of for another pool where a friend joins in for some mad rushing about.

Balvenie Peated Cask
Almost forgot in all the post-rapture partying, I came across a blog post about a whisky I bought a few weeks back. Balvenie Peated Cask 17yo Tasting Notes.

I have the Balvenie Islay cask referred to in the blog as well (it took me ages to find) and frankly I find it better than the new Peated cask though the new one is still very interesting and worth it's money.

I had a discussion with the liquor store vendor when I bought this whisky and he couldn't tell me where the casks for this whisky came from. Happily now we know: "It transpired that Balvenie Peated Cask is a strange hybrid, being comprised of a mix of 17yo Balvenie finished in New Wood blended with 17yo Balvenie finished in casks that had previously held a so-far-unreleased experimental heavily-peated Balvenie distilled in 2001."

Very interesting stuff if you like that sort of thing.

I like the description of the brine on the aftertaste, I hadn't noticed that before and if you know it's there you actually notice a very clear salty aftertaste that comes quite late after swallowing and then slowly fades. There's a wonderful world hidden in tasting notes from people who really know about that stuff, personally I only pick up half the things mentioned if I'm lucky and having a good day.

Presumed lying
Since the rapture didn't take place, despite a single volcano blowing it's top off I guess it's time to get things together, start rationalising and get on with the order of the day.

The Guardian has a good piece on the media's hypocrisy when a top politician gets accused of rape. While the piece is on France's media frankly I've seen the exact same attitude in most of Dutch and English media. "We have to presume someone's innocence at all times until proven guilty," the interviewed politicians and the media in Europe keep telling us. They tell us this so much that we forget about the alleged victim in this case. She doesn't matter, the presumption of innocence of a top politician takes precedence over the rape of a mere woman. So much so that we are supposed to be angered by the indignity of an unwashed alleged rapist standing in court but we also have to question the motives of the raped woman. The presumption of innocence doesn't extend to the victim it seems.

Liveblogging the Rapture
It seems the rapture isn't today after all as the world is still here and no people have been spotted floating into the clouds. This is kind of a bummer. Maybe the calculations were off or something. Or maybe some bastard prayed really hard for it not to happen. I guess we'll know soon enough as christian scientists the world all over will scrabble to make sense of this.

It appears that so far no one in New Zealand, Australia or China has been raptured. This is not very surprising really.

The folks at rapturefail seem to think the rapture won't be coming today. Surely that can't be right?

10 things IT groups need to know about The Rapture includes the following: "2. Hit upper management for expanded IT funding.
Explain The Rapture to them as the ultimate cloud initiative. They won't know what you're talking about, but they know the cloud is cool and important. They'll just keep nodding as they sign the checks." This is so true it's scary.

Fear not. I wasn't raptured overnight. According to the Guardian the whole thing starts off at 6 PM local time anyway.

Some fireworks outside a few blocks away just now. I presume someone's celebrating their relatives being raptured. These are the first clear and unambiguous signs we've had people. This is the day!

So far rapture day is a bit of a bummer. Think I'll go to bed but I'll close my window so I don't float out half-way through the night.

21-05-2011 00:05
I gave it a few minutes but nothing so far. I have no idea what time this starts but I'm sure we'll see signs and portents soon.

20-05-2011 23:54
The night before rapture day.
So far scenes are calm all over the city but I expect that will soon end.

This made my day
Amazingly cool, a bike ride from the city center of Utrecht almost to my home:

I found this lovely stash of video's about biking in the Netherlands, many of them featuring my own place of residence, Utrecht. It seems I live in a Utopia :).

I live about 500 meters away from where the video ends and I've cycled the same path many many many times, including the extremely bumpy bits where the tree roots break the asphalt; which is why I prefer the parallel route myself.

Many visitors left confused
I know it's not much compared to some sites but I'm still oddly proud of 200.000 visitors in slightly more than 10 years on this here homestead.

Number of hits since 10/02/2001: 200000

I will treat myself to a banana tonight.

Carrock carrock
Ah, such fine words: "Here it becomes necessary to recount to you the history of the world up to this point." Have any finer words been written?

"'Atrox Fabulinus, the Roman Rabelais, once broke off the account of his hero Raphaelus in the act of opening a giant goose egg to fry it in an iron skillet of six yards' span. Fabulinus interrupted the action with these words: "Here it becomes necessary to recount to you the history of the world up to this point."

"'After Fabulinus had given the history of the world up to that point, he took up the action of Raphaelus once more. It happened that the giant goose egg contained a nubile young girl. This revelation would have been startling to a reader who had not just read the history of the world up to that point: which history, being Fabulinian in its treatment, prepared him for the event.'
From R.A. Lafferty - East of Laughter.

R. A. Lafferty: Effective Arcanum contains some insight into the great man's methods, including the above quote which means I didn't have to retype it, for which I'm grateful.
I just ordered a second hand copy of Lafferty's The Fall of Rome, the reviews I've read are glowing and compare it to Okla Hannali, which is one of the best works the man has ever produced. It should arrive sometime next month, depending on whether transport is by camel or by dromedary (I'm not sure which system the USPS uses).

In other Lafferty news news has it that Locus will acquire the rights for all of Lafferty's works. I hope they can do a nice series of paperback collections of the short stories. It did wonders for Philip K. Dick.

Meanwhile The Six Fingers of Time has gone up on Project Gutenberg. It's not Lafferty's best short story but it's hard to argue with free.

You know you're using your iPad too much when you're reading the dead tree tv guide and catch yourself glancing up to the menu bar to see what the time is.

I dragged the following bookmark onto my desktop in June 2010 thinking I might direct you all to it because it's stupendously funny.
I kinda forgot to do that however and although I occasionally saw the bookmark sitting there I never did anything with it. Until now! So here it is, gentle reader, a comic whose link I saved months ago so I could share it with you.

Internet Procrastination at its absolute finest.

Astronomy picture of the day script changed
The script to download and set your Mac OS X desktop to the astronomy picture of the day has changed a bit as the official site has moved to a new domain. A big thanks to user Kees for informing me of this.

Get the new script here:

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