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More searchengine madness
Lisa writes about searchengine referrals to her site in HOMER SIMPSON PICTURES THE MATRIX, found via Library Stuff.

These stories are always fascinating to me. At one time I had a page on this site that listed all the searchterms that brought people to me, even the completely inappropriate ones. Fascinating stuff.
However, it wasn't too long before searchengines discovered that page and indexed it. (Can you see where this is going?) It quickly became one of the most frequently hit pages. I had neglected to exclude searchengines from indexing the page so I got more and more people with completely inappropriate terms entering my site.
At first this was kind of amusing but when the page started to receive about 30% of all my visitors I pulled it. While the concept of wasting someone's time isn't completely alien to me (I am one of the people that brought you a virtual pet rock after all) this was getting a little bit too much.

I've written about searchengines and the problems therein before. While I still stand by my earlier conclusion that Google should start paying attention to metadata I'll just add one thing I've been thinking lately: proximity searching. According to searchengine showdown the only large searchengine that supports proximity searching is AltaVista. Of course some instruction in constructing a wellformed query wouldn't go amiss too.

By the way: to the person who was wondering what to do when he searched (twice) for "I must go to the bathroom with some urgency" (I'm translating from Dutch here, original: "Ik moet heel nodig naar de wc"): I hope it worked out for you.

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