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It's always cool when people say nice things about you behind your back.
Recently I saw some new refferrers in my sitestatistics and when I checked them out I found that even though I hadn't updated a Dreamweaver extension in a while people were still using them and telling each other about them.
Cool, so to say thanks I've updated Set Image Title for Dreamweaver MX compatibility.

Who has been saying what:

On a completely unrelated note I found out that someone in Thailand has ripped of my site without even asking for permission and stupidly leaving all kinds of links and even my copyright notice in place:
So here's the deal: if you like the design of this page you may copy it. I only ask that somewhere on an easily available page you link to my site saying something like:

Page design by Harold Bakker:

You must also mail me the url of your site so I can marvel at it. Please note that if you destroy the lay-out or use a crappy editor that breaks the page I WILL tell you about it.

Last but not least if you feel the need to pay me you can show your appreciation by getting me something from my Amazon Wishlist.

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