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Youpi no more?
Ever since the heady days of Mac OSX 1.0 I have used a program called Youpi key that automates keystrokes. I use it to type my home address, my email address, several of the URLs I often use, passwords for sites etc. etc. at the hit of a special key combo. Saves a lot of time. In 2003 the program stopped being free but despite my not upgrading since then it continued to work, how's that for value?
Unfortunately lately it seemed to be spewing out loads of error messages in the Console because it used frameworks deprecated by Apple. These frameworks are set to disappear completely in the next OS X version so the time had come to do something.

Almost 10 years of use from a free program isn't bad so I tried out the new version, now called iKey. After the trial ended I bought the program because it's saved me about a zillion lifetimes typing already so I guess I owe the programmer a bit.

Besides typing you can also use it to execute applescripts so you can control programs in the background (like iTunes, or manipulate the system sound level) as well. You can also limit keybindings to specific applications and do lots of more stuff I don't use.

Recommended if you have a Mac. Even if you wind up using only 10% of the possibilities, like I do.

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