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Presumed lying
Since the rapture didn't take place, despite a single volcano blowing it's top off I guess it's time to get things together, start rationalising and get on with the order of the day.

The Guardian has a good piece on the media's hypocrisy when a top politician gets accused of rape. While the piece is on France's media frankly I've seen the exact same attitude in most of Dutch and English media. "We have to presume someone's innocence at all times until proven guilty," the interviewed politicians and the media in Europe keep telling us. They tell us this so much that we forget about the alleged victim in this case. She doesn't matter, the presumption of innocence of a top politician takes precedence over the rape of a mere woman. So much so that we are supposed to be angered by the indignity of an unwashed alleged rapist standing in court but we also have to question the motives of the raped woman. The presumption of innocence doesn't extend to the victim it seems.

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