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Liveblogging the Rapture
It seems the rapture isn't today after all as the world is still here and no people have been spotted floating into the clouds. This is kind of a bummer. Maybe the calculations were off or something. Or maybe some bastard prayed really hard for it not to happen. I guess we'll know soon enough as christian scientists the world all over will scrabble to make sense of this.

It appears that so far no one in New Zealand, Australia or China has been raptured. This is not very surprising really.

The folks at rapturefail seem to think the rapture won't be coming today. Surely that can't be right?

10 things IT groups need to know about The Rapture includes the following: "2. Hit upper management for expanded IT funding.
Explain The Rapture to them as the ultimate cloud initiative. They won't know what you're talking about, but they know the cloud is cool and important. They'll just keep nodding as they sign the checks." This is so true it's scary.

Fear not. I wasn't raptured overnight. According to the Guardian the whole thing starts off at 6 PM local time anyway.

Some fireworks outside a few blocks away just now. I presume someone's celebrating their relatives being raptured. These are the first clear and unambiguous signs we've had people. This is the day!

So far rapture day is a bit of a bummer. Think I'll go to bed but I'll close my window so I don't float out half-way through the night.

21-05-2011 00:05
I gave it a few minutes but nothing so far. I have no idea what time this starts but I'm sure we'll see signs and portents soon.

20-05-2011 23:54
The night before rapture day.
So far scenes are calm all over the city but I expect that will soon end.

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