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Ah, such fine words: "Here it becomes necessary to recount to you the history of the world up to this point." Have any finer words been written?

"'Atrox Fabulinus, the Roman Rabelais, once broke off the account of his hero Raphaelus in the act of opening a giant goose egg to fry it in an iron skillet of six yards' span. Fabulinus interrupted the action with these words: "Here it becomes necessary to recount to you the history of the world up to this point."

"'After Fabulinus had given the history of the world up to that point, he took up the action of Raphaelus once more. It happened that the giant goose egg contained a nubile young girl. This revelation would have been startling to a reader who had not just read the history of the world up to that point: which history, being Fabulinian in its treatment, prepared him for the event.'
From R.A. Lafferty - East of Laughter.

R. A. Lafferty: Effective Arcanum contains some insight into the great man's methods, including the above quote which means I didn't have to retype it, for which I'm grateful.
I just ordered a second hand copy of Lafferty's The Fall of Rome, the reviews I've read are glowing and compare it to Okla Hannali, which is one of the best works the man has ever produced. It should arrive sometime next month, depending on whether transport is by camel or by dromedary (I'm not sure which system the USPS uses).

In other Lafferty news news has it that Locus will acquire the rights for all of Lafferty's works. I hope they can do a nice series of paperback collections of the short stories. It did wonders for Philip K. Dick.

Meanwhile The Six Fingers of Time has gone up on Project Gutenberg. It's not Lafferty's best short story but it's hard to argue with free.

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