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Rejoice, for I have finally taken the time to transcribe the lyrics to Saw Throat's Inde$troy album as those are impossible to find online.
This post-apocalyptic environmentally aware album has been out of print for ages but some torrents or downloads should be available if you care to dig a bit into the seedier side of the internets. Or you can try your luck with second hand stores or ebay (there's one up as I write this).

In 20 years this album hasn't aged much, many of the concerns expressed here are still valid, though we don't worry as much as we used to about acid rain or the carbon fluoro compounds we used to cram into our fridges and which deteriorated the ozone layer. Even though we have mended our ways in these areas we are still sadly lacking in respect for nature and our western lifestyle (soon to be enjoyed by billions more in rising economies like China and India) is leading to an ecological catastrophe we have by no means grasped. Recent events like those in the gulf of mexico are not isolated events but part of a much, much, larger pattern of abuse, indifference and outright greed, which we are all complicit in.
Frankly it sometimes seems to me that the best our planet can hope for is that the human race extinguishes itself very fast, after a few thousand years nature will continue pretty much as if nothing happened, albeit with a few thousand fewer species.

Clicky the image for the lyrics.

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