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The Museum of Life
Just a shout-out to those who have the ability to watch the BBC.
The new series The Museum of Life about the Natural History Museum in London is very good.

I love the Natural History Museum. When I was a child we often went to England on our holidays. Whenever we were in London we would visit the Natural History Museum as I was a fiend for dinosaurs. I loved that museum, the bigness of it, the vast hall with equally vast skeletons and even more knowledge. This is as close to a spiritual cathedral as I'll ever get to a building if that makes sense.

My apologies for the very bad image below but it's the only picture I have of the Natural History Museum, plus it holds special meaning to me. My dad took it when he went on a study trip to London for a month and he sent this to me in one of his letters home (this was a long time ago when people actually wrote letters!). I just made a snapshot with my camera, hence the poor quality.

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