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Oh my god, grandfather has turned into a pineapple!
Today I had a meeting in Amsterdam about a new federated search engine from Ebsco, one of the largest database providers for my work. We're not in the market for a new federated search engine at the moment as we still have 2 years to go on our current contract but I thought it would be get a look at this new product as next year we'll be critically examining our current one so as to have enough time to consider the next step.

It also happened to be in a small room off the Hortus and as I like nature stuff and admission was free I got a chance to have a look.

Generally I don't really like Hortuses (is that a word?). Seeing a thousand plants bunched up in 100 square meters with little hard-to-read hand-scribbled labels feels a bit sad in some way. Most of the plants also looked a bit tired due to the extreme heat.

But I did get to see a very lovely and almost endearing little pineapple in the butterfly house.

Clicky for the set with 3 other pictures of lovely butterflies.

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