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On the classification of animals
I'm currently reading "Almost Like a Whale: The Origin of Species Updated" by Steve Jones and it includes a funny introduction to one of the chapters, I looked it up on the interwebs to find out more about it and it appears to be a fictional categorisation of animals I thought I might share with you. I might do a full review of Almost like a whale if the mood strikes me when I finish the book, or I might not, I have a zillion books left to read and time is short, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
"These ambiguities, redundancies, and deficiencies recall those attributed by Dr. Franz Kuhn to a certain Chinese encyclopedia called the Heavenly Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge. In its distant pages it is written that animals are divided into (a) those that belong to the emperor; (b) embalmed ones; (c) those that are trained; (d) suckling pigs; (e) mermaids; (f) fabulous ones; (g) stray dogs; (h) those that are included in this classification; (i) those that tremble as if they were mad; (j) innumerable ones; (k) those drawn with a very fine camel's-hair brush; (l) etcetera; (m) those that have just broken the flower vase; (n) those that at a distance resemble flies."

Wikipedia entry.

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