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Azerty is teh suck
Hehe, macuser has a funny article on some production flaws in the new macbook laptops. This reminded me of the student that came to my office a few weeks ago who wanted to get his Macbook on our wireless internet. Problem was he had a laptop with an azerty layout. You cannot believe how tremendously annoying it is to type on one of these things if you've never done that before.

While I cannot type blind at all, in fact I type with 2, 3 or even sometimes with 4 fingers, subconsciously I have a pretty good idea where keys are. More so than I realized and this was extremely disconcerting. Typing things I use fifteen times a day, such as my password, took ages as I had suddenly had to find every single key!

I could probably live with a keyboard with no visible B key as long as the B was where I supposed it would be, but I won't ever see the beauty of azerty after so many years of qwerty.

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