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Unhindered by Talent
Look what I found: Sore Throat - Unhindered by Talent

Sore Throat's Unhindered by Talent is one of the seminal Grindcore albums. Released in 1988 this was a masterpiece at release and it's aged very well. Death Metal influences meld seamlessly with anarcho-punk stuff that wouldn't look bad on a Crass album.

There are 52 songs on this album, which makes it pretty short by Sore Throat standards. They once released an album (And We Don't Care, 1990) with 112 tracks, though for technical reasons the last few were mashed together as one song on the CD as that format can only hold 99 songs.

Get the download while it's hot, it's not like the CD can still be bought so you're not really stealing. Though you are. A bit.

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