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Haha, a quicky before work. Just on the news is the fact that some commercial tv broadcasters have got egg on their face. A Dutch consumer program from one of the public broadcasters found out that to work for astrological call centres you don't need to be qualified as a "real spiritualist". You can just lie your way in and if you don't get a "reading" for someone who calls you're encouraged to keep them on the line for up to 20 minutes as big money is made at up to 80 cents a minute. Some commercial broadcasters have contracts with the astrological call centres where revenue is split. You can call in to the studio and after being on hold for ages you get a chance to ask your question live in the broadcast. Maybe. Possibly. If you're lucky. If you've waited long enough.

The consumer program was kinda shocked that to work for a spiritual call center you don't really need to be qualified and can just make stuff up. This is kinda amusing. Time and again it's been proven that astrology, tarot reading and the like are ineffective scams. It's called a cold reading people, look it up on the intertubes! With a little practice anyone can do it, a sceptic or a conman/-woman.

Commercial broadcaster RTL was so shocked (shocked! I tells ya) that they pulled their astrological call program from the schedule. Which is dishonest and hypocritical to say the least. But at best some poor people who do not know any better may be in a slightly better financial position next month when they get their telephone bills.
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