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Some notes about iPod Notes
Well, my iPod has finally arrived and I'm a happy camper so far. I've been playing with the notes feature and it seems to be quite useful for keeping a text copy of my cd, books and video databases. I've been applescripting like mad the last couple of evenings and have finally set up a workflow so all I have to do is select a script from the script menu and everything works automagically. It's a bit kludgy as I don't really pretend to understand Applescript. Next thing to do is rewrite it to a nice perl or php shellscript (if I ever get around to that I'll post it on this site), but for now this will do.

The biggest problem actually turns out to be the fact that applescript doesn't really allow for passing parameters into a script so after a while I just gave up on that and just copied one script three times, modifying one line in each. Gaaah!

Another problem is that the script I modified (apple's clipboard to note) saves textfiles encoded as MacRoman and this doesn't seem to like accented characters. Infernäl Mäjesty would show as Infernl Mjesty, which is just plain wrong. Luckily BBEdit came to my resque and now goes through all the created notes files and saves them again as UTF8.

I sometimes wonder where I'd be without BBEdit seeing how much time I spend in it and how much I miss it when at work where I use a PC and don't have access to a powerful texteditor.
Speaking of which: the transition of my newsscript to a blogging system is coming along nicely. I've still got a fair bit to do but most of the hard thinking has been done. I'm also moving more away from tables and more into the wonderful world of CSS to layout elements. Now all I need is for iCab to fully support CSS (sigh).

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