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Library on iPhone, pt. 2
As I mentioned in a comment to my previous post I did some more work on my iPhone library webapp.
I got widescreenview to work quite nicely, though there's still some minor bugs to sort out.

I also did work on the movies section (renamed to Films) so there's links to detailed records.

Here's some new screenshots.

movies with link to details searching in films film details

widescreen view of books

Now I have to go through the book database so all authornames are consistent. I kinda made a mess of that over the years. I started out with using Lastname, Initials but sometimes I switched to Lastname, First Names or even Firstname Lastname.
This is annoying me no end now I see all books at the same time (my FileMaker Pro database only showed 1 book at a time).
Sorting this out will take a while I guess but when it's finished it will look loads better.

If you want to see the code in action you can go to my homeserver, for best results use an iPhone though Safari should work reasonably well if you make the screen small (320*480).

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