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As I mentioned a while ago one of my thoughts when deciding to get an iPhone as whether it would be easy to get my media databases on it. It happens too often that I go out and buy a movie or a book that I already have. I looked at database solutions currently available for the iPhone but one that looked best was about 100 euros which is kinda steep for my modest needs. So I decided to build my own webapp which should be available everywhere as long as I have access to the internets.

After some snooping at the code used by for the iPhone interface they use I created some tables in MySQL and hacked together some code for the display and search function.

Here's some screenshots, they're in Dutch but you should be able to make out what does what even if you're not Dutch.

homescreen movies
I'm pleased to say that overall I'm quite happy with the first results. There's some stuff to do of course, movies only show the title at the moment, while my database has a lot more fields like director, year, genre, imdb url etc.
So I'll probably link the titles there to go to more detailed records.

So how hard was it to create this? Well, most of the time went into creating the interface and making it look good in normal view. The interface doesn't look too good right now in widescreen mode (which is if you switch the iPhone 90 degrees) due to the usage of stuff like
max-width: 100px;
overflow: hidden;
text-overflow: ellipsis;

books book search

I can probably tweak that a bit with the CSS though but that's for a later date.
Exporting the data from FileMaker Pro wasn't too rough, I did have some problems with charactersets, wrong date formats and newlines in certain fields but a quick run through BBEdit fixed most of that.

I will be sad to leave my FileMaker databases that have been with me since 1999 but the time has come to embrace the web and it's been a lot of fun to actually develop something for the iPhone's browser.

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