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Human Vision
As I said in my previous post that the iPhone only has a 2 megapixel camera, which many decry as being rather limited nowadays. So I was wondering what the resolution of the human eye was measured in megapixels. Turns out finding the answer was quite easy, though following the maths isn't.
In any case the following article states that human vision equates to more than 576 megapixels. It also tells us a lot more about obscure things like ISO and focal lengths and stuff I have no clue about but it seems solid and other sources on the interwebs give more or less the same numbers. 580 megapixels is pretty staggering, the amount of information processed by the brain on a continuous basis is, well, staggering. (I know I used the word twice but I'm too staggered to think of another word.) Of course the brain uses tricks and shortcuts, for example while I'm typing this my field of view isn't actually a full 120 degrees, not even close, I do have some peripheral vision but most of that is tuned out. Still and all. Stagger with me and marvel at the miracle of primate vision.

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