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High Broad Field
ooo. oooo. ooooooo!
Naked ladies on the internets!!!!

I found an extract of the movie High Broad Field online which is included with Sieben's album of the same name. Unfortunately this album can't be bought anymore in Holland so I'll have to mail Matt Howden to see if he has some left and can bring one with him when he performs at Summer Darkness this coming august*. But an extract of the film is on the internet archive which I just found. And it includes a naked lady. If your life doesn't have enough naked women you can watch this and pretend you're only in it for the art. Which is a good thing if you have a girlfriend. Just tell her I said you had to watch it for the music. Which is true, of course.

Technology! Whisky! Sexy!
(Internet Archive! Dalwhinnie! Redhead!)

Expect more movie-related ooohs and aaahs later this weekend or maybe next week, depending on how fast Amazon delivers one of the bestest movies ever made which has just been released on DVD.

* Update, now accepts paypal so I don't even have to wait till august.
Update2: now with 100% more links.

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