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Well now, the end of the world may soon be amongst us.
Last week we learned that Apple would finally release the iPhone for Dutch consumption and I'm horribly tempted to get one. I've never had a mobile phone but the extras this thing has are more appealing to me than the actual phone thing. Ever since my trusty old G4 iBook died (I still miss you Angua!!!) I've been hobbling along to meetings writing appointments on pieces of paper and then forgetting to put them in my calendar. There's also the fact that having a webbrowser in your pocket is often darned handy. I do have a rather new iPod and that's still working perfectly so getting an iPod Touch isn't that appealing.
Also the fact that for years I've been trying to find a reliable way to carry a list of my book and DVD collection with me is not to be forgotten, to prevent silly things like buying a DVD I already own, I had this working at a time but subsequent iPod software updates had left me with the problem to rework 1000 lines of Applescript, something which I wasn't looking forward to and keep putting off. I'm thinking that one simple export from Filemaker to a MySQL database will solve all this as hacking together a minimalist webinterface would cost me about, oh, 2 minutes.
Coupled with 802.1X and Outlook integration and seamless synching with both PC at work and Mac at home the iPhone seems to be made of win. And who doesn't like shiny gadgets?

As you see I'm mostly considering the impact of having a mobile mini-computer with me. Still, this will mean that instead of being one of the last 3 people on the planet without a mobile phone, I'll be one of the sheep. Which is where the end of the world comes in.
Of course, a lot depends on the contract. I don't mind spending 200 euro for an iPhone but the real costs are in the telecom contract you're tied to. And telecoms operators are bastards and probably the first to be shot when the revolution comes to quote DNA.

Of course having a mobile thingy instantly reduces your intelligence by about 60 points and soon you'll be calling your friends when you're 2 minutes away from their house to tell 'em you're close. Which truly would be the end of the world.

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