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Much as I dislike the overpowering awfulness of MySpace I will have to link to it today as there's a new Hollenthon album coming up and they've posted a clip from the new new album.
So here it is, including a god-awful click here link just to show how much I hate mySpAce.

In other news it seems that I can't miss Summer Darkness 2008 this year as Sieben is performing. I reviewed some Sieben albums earlier. Looking at the lineup it seems there's a lot of interesting stuff coming up, although I have to wonder at Echo and the Bunnyman. Isn't that like the 80s??? Ah well, I can't possibly see everything, even if I do get a 5 day pass. I'm just glad it's all in my hometown of Utrecht so I can travel everywhere by bike.

Lots of new batspecies to watch, and I just love them bats :/.

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