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The King of Dustflatworms
Well whaddayaknow. Yesterday I grumbled about an overheating graphics card. Seconds later I was enjoying my new screen and checked out MacRumor, which had a post about my exact same problem. This lead me to a post on xlr8yourmac with some lovely pictures of the air intake of the ATI X1900.
I opened up my Mac, got out the graphics card and lo and behold I too had a dustflatworm, although mine seemed bigger. I really need to get a camera so I can document all these dustanimals for you.

My card is now running smoothly and my computer hasn't frozen up, despite having played WoW on maximum settings for an hour or two.

ATI sure makes some crappy cards though if stuff like this happens so regularly if posts on xlr8yourmac are to be believed.

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