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We need more space!
Yesterday evening my aging iiyama display died. After many years of service it went *pooof*. It had been acting oddly for some time so this wasn't too big a surprise but it did leave me with the unfortunate situation where I had to buy a new monitor. Well, I say unfortunate, but in reality it gave me the opportunity to get myself a shiny new 23" Apple Cinema display. I went to the local Apple store and checked out the displays after being reassured that we could check the display in the store for any dead pixels before I actually handed over any money I bought it. Man it's big. How big? Well the native resolution is 1920*1200. My previous monitor maxed out at 1600*1200 so the extra space is a welcome addition. 320 pixels doesn't sound like much but the below (scaled-down) screenshot shows that it's quite a lot. Here's a shot of Eudora that still thinks it's on my old iiyama 20" CRT.

I decided to get an AppleCare protection plan with it as well. I've never really been into the whole extended warranty thing but lately I've been having some problems with Apple gear (having a laptop die after 18 months sucks and I'm not 100% happy with the graphics card in my current MacPro either as it tends to overheat due to poor fancontrol in OSX 10.5) and decided it might be worth it. Time will tell if I actually need the extra 2 years of hassle-free warranty but it seemed like a good bet.

In the meantime I'll go back to being amazed at the quality of the display as it really is quite sharp and lovely looking.

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