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HB-NS 1.3 released
I'm pleased to say that version 1.3 of my newsscript is now available for download.

There's some exciting new stuff in this release, here's a partial list:
- As of version 1.3 previews of new articles are saved in the case of a browsercrash or accidental closing of the browserwindow, you can use the admin interface to retrieve the text from the preview, remember to use the preview button!
- Comments are moderated as of version 1.3, however if a poster uses a password and a comment by her has already been approved the new one will be approved automatically.
- Added security fixes for comments: comments can only be deleted by admins (log in to admin.php first), if comments are disabled the form is no longer shown if you know the url to the form and comments are no longer saved even if they're posted by a script for example.

If you're upgrading run upgrade_from_1.2_to_1.3.sql through phpMyAdmin, set your database credentials in config.php, upload the files and you're good to go.

As always: if you're running into problems drop me a note from the contact page.

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