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A while ago I posted something in retrospect I wasn't very happy with. I do this sometimes and generally let it slide but this time there was an easy fix.

The problem was in my piece about Homeopathy's claims of being able to create 100C dilutions which are claimed to be quite potent.

As detailed in the article I linked to creating 100C dilutions is a physical impossibility as this would require more molecules of water than there are actual atoms in the universe. Since water is composed of 3 atoms (to refresh your memory: water is H2O) this presents a bit of a problem.

My problem, in retrospect, with this piece was that I was a bit lazy and didn't bother to check up on the estimates for the amount of atoms in the universe. This bugged me once in a while and yesterday I finally did something about it and looked it up. There are various estimates around but most seem to converge around 1080 atoms in the wild. So I updated my article with a link to Wikipedia, but there are other sources around if you search for a few moments in case you don't like to rely on Wikipedia for accurate information.

Here's another link with some more numbers that might be of interest by the way:

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