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Alternative Aviation
On Alternative Flight.

Some choice quotes:
The airlines are monolithic industries that often treat their passengers like cattle, all of a kind, rather than unique individuals with unique travel needs.
The underlying philosophy of AA [Alternative Aviation] is simple. People need to be free to choose their mode of flight based on alternative concepts of gravity and alternative airplane design.
Current Western reductionist concepts of gravity revolve around European white men and their understanding of the universe through the scientific 'method' of experimentation.
Alternative aviation operates using holistic, environmentally friendly, passenger centric methodologies the allow the passenger to be involved with all aspects of their airline flight.
There are alternative concepts for countering gravity and flight. A google search will yield many sites describing both modern and ancient concepts of gravity and methods to interact organically and harmoniously with gravity, rather than trying to defeat or overcome it.
Why has the FAA prohibited testing? Partly due to the power of the big airline manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus. Their profits are at risk by alternative aviation.

Sounds fun! Or are you confused?
The solution lies in the success that [h]as occurred in health care. The revolution in health care improvement due to embracing complementary and alternative medicine needs to be applied to aviation.

Yes, this is really about alternative medicine and the crazy people that endorse it. Doesn't make it less funny though.

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