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Oh noes! Even more silence
Hehe, we've had a terrible storm this day and to top off the day the electricity went down in my entire neighborhood when the storm had subsided. So I scuttled off (insert a picture of a crab) to find some candles. I don't have any real candles of course, as I AM NOT PREPARED!!!, but I did have some tealights, having bought a really big bag years ago. So, what do you do when you can't sit behind your sparkling new Mac? (Well, it didn't sparkle much really, as there was no light...) You read a book of course! Except that reading a book by the light of a handful of tealights spread around the living room isn't really an option. So, no computer, no books, no dvd (as you can guess by the whole no electricity thing). As it was way too early for bed I was bored with the silence pretty quickly.

Only one thing to do for a single person: grab the iPod, a good glass of whisky (Ardbeg is simply divine in the winter) and the quality headphones and settle down until it's time to go to bed or the lights decide to come back on.

So I played around a bit with the shuffle function but found I really detest listening to intros and mid sections of classical music without context (I miss the old shuffle function, which would simply shuffle your selected playlist, why does it have to shuffle your entire library???) so I settled on Saw Throat's seminal "Indestroy". An apocalyptic doomsday concept album about man's destruction of the environment and eventual downfall. Oddly appropriate for a night without electricity (except for that stored in the iPod but we'll conveniently ignore that (right?).

Good stuff, unfortunately I cannot find the lyrics online so you'll just have to bug me for a copy of the mp3s, you know how to reach me.

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