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I had my new MacPro delivered today and I'm in metaphorical heaven. I've copied over most of the documents, mp3s and applications and I must say the new machine is brilliant. I still have some Unixy stuff to move over but so far everything went swimmingly.

When I got home from doing some shopping and put away the keys in my desk I actually thought the machine was off because it was so quiet. The most you can hear when the machine is idle is the barest whisper, the old one was starting to sound like a wind-tunnel and the constant whine of fans trying to keep the hard-disks and video card cool was constant subconscious irritation. Even when the machine is having to do some work the most you hear is a low murmur from the hard-disk. I have no idea how this machine is cooled, perhaps it doesn't even need it because of its looks.

I haven't played with the Apple mighty mouse so far as by all accounts it's a pretty horrible piece of work so I might give that one a miss until I have some time, the new keyboard is a bit too small for my taste but my old one (a MacAlley iMedia keyboard) requires drivers for the special keys like volume up, previous/next track, pause, eject etc and there is no Intel version for that yet and OS X refuses to load kernel extensions that weren't compiled for Intel. Meh, I'll make do for now.

The video-card is amazing, I opted for the ATI Radeon X1900 XT (512MB). To stress it out i turned on all the options in World of Warcraft, all sliders to max quality and i still got about 70 fps in crowded areas. I have yet to test it in intense 80 man battles but I'm sure the card will live up to the expectations. Even if the frame-rate drops to around 30 that's still 4 times more than my old machine managed.

The form factor of the machine is absolutely divine, to add a new hard drive all you have to do is open up the side (easy as pie, just use a lever to unlock the door and lift it out), slide out a disk tray, screw in the disk (the entire tray slides out so you can do it on your desk instead of half inside the machine) and then slide the tray back in. No fiddling with cables, the disk's SATA- and power connectors will fit right into the machine.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to drool over the machine a bit more, but I'll do that in private.

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