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New MacPros around the corner?
Prospective Mac buyers rejoice!
I have just ordered a new MacPro so this means that Apple will release brand new models very very soon now, probably the day after I get my new machine, which should be somewhere next week.

I was heavily torn between the MacPro and the 24"iMac but in the end I decided to buy the MacPro because of the upgradability. The ability to add 3 extra hard disks and upgrade the RAM even further, as well as the ability to put in a freaking awesome video card pulled me over the line. (Although the 24"screen of the iMac still makes me salivate.)

Here's the specs for those interested:
- 2x2.66 GHz dual core
- 2 Gigs of Ram
- 512MB video card
- Airport Extreme and Bluetooth card

The rest is pretty standard, I have a 120 Gig SATA drive in my current machine that I can transplant so I just went with the standard 250 Gig hard disk the machine comes with, that gives me 2 extra bays to fill later if more space is needed. By that time disks will be bigger for less money anyway.

I am not sure yet what to do with my old machine, it's been a loyal companion for 5 years now and I upgraded it with more RAM, a SATA PCI card and a 256 MB ATI video card so it's still in good shape.

It's a pity Apple didn't release new macs this week as I was kinda hoping they would but I understand Jobs not wanting anything to take the attention away from the iPhone, which leaves me a bit "meh" to be honest.

I understand phones are some newfangled invention that allow people to communicate with each other over long distances without having to resort to shouting, but the constant barrage of endless chatter has always frustrated me.
"Where are you?," "I'm on the bus," "I will be home in 3 minutes."
Who freaking cares???? In 3 minutes your partner would have found out, why is it so pressing he know about it now? Is it so he can close the pr0n site and clear the browserhistory?

I have actually witnessed 2 people in the same bus talking to each other.
"Where are you now?"
"I am on the bus."
"So am I."
"Where are you now?"
"I'm near the police station".
"Ooooh, we must be on the same bus."
Desperately looking around.
Waves and smiles.

It makes me sick.

Sorry, I think I got a bit carried away there.
Back to work, checking the Apple Store every 10 minutes to see if my payment has gone through and assembly has started.

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