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It's been a while since I checked Google Video and there are now some quite decent things to be found there.

For instance Carcass - Incarnated Solvent Abuse, which I once saw on MTV in the middle of the night way back when, in the early nineties, when the world was young and I was still studying (more or less, as I remember coming back from a party or something and switching on the tv to pass some time with a glass of wine or something to wind down).

There's also real gems to be found like this weird one from the Butthole Surfers: JIMI + interview and studio footage. If you're not familiar with the Butthole Surfers you'll want to skip this one, although it does raise some interesting questions, such as what would happen if you could tear out one eyeball and look into your other eyeball.

Further finds so far include Pitch Shifter's seminal Triad (also see Deconstruction), Godflesh's Mothra and a whole load of Tristania vids. Aaaah, listen to zem... ze children of ze night.... Vat music zey make...

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