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Oh dear
Sometimes you walk out of a music shop and wonder whether you did the right thing by buying a cd without listening to it.

This happened to me this week.
Allow me to present you with the evidence:

Jeff Walker und die Flüffers - Welcome to Carcass Cuntry, clicky the link for some samples.

For those that don't know: Jeff Walker was part of the legendary Carcass. One of the best grindcore bands ever, their lyrics were about death, pathologies and sickness in general. I had the pleasure of seeing Carcass a few times in the early 90s and their shows were invariably weird with police scene photographs of accidents and murder scenes projected behind the band.

All good things come to an end and Carcass split up in 1995 with the members going off in different musical directions.
Jeff Walker appears to have a thing for Country music and this cd is a tribute to old country and blues music with a metal finish. Lots of famous names appear on the album cover: former members of Carcass, Paradise Lost, HIM etc.

So: was it a good idea to buy this album without having listened to it? Well: yes and no. Yes in that there are some pretty cool moments on this cd. No in that I probably would not have bought it if I had listened to it. It's all very well to cover country music and put a metal sound on it but overall the good moments are a bit too few and far between. It's a novel concept but overall the album leaves me wondering what to think of this. I cannot escape the feeling that this is in large part a tongue in cheek exercise.

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