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After 3 years of almost daily use my old third generation iPod - 30 Gig) has finally become almost unusable due to the fact that the battery only holds a charge of about a roundtrip to work, meaning I have to recharge it every single day or risk having to cycle 11 kilometers without music before I can recharge it at work or at home, which happens sometimes. Well, it still works perfectly ok, it's just annoying.

Needless to say that this constant recharging sucks so I finally got myself a new one and it's just arrived. A brand new 60 Gig Video iPod in fact. I have about 130 digital photo's so the only reason I chose the 60 Gig version is because it can hold all my music with room to spare for essential backups.

I could have sprung for a battery replacement kit but knowing my previous experiments in taking things apart and trying to put them back together I'll probably be left with 3 parts after the assembly and the thing won't work anymore. Besides, after three years of loyalty the old one can darn well retire.

So what are my first impressions?
Well, first of all: it no longer has FireWire and my desktop only has USB 1 so copying all my music over will take ages. Second of all is that the screen is really big. Much bigger than I anticipated. It's also much slimmer than my previous one.
Engravings are free now (it used to cost 30 euros) so I got in inscribed with The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything. Give yourself a pat on the back if you know what the answer is without looking it up on the web.

The packaging isn't as nice as the one my 3rd generation came in. It's nice but not up to the standards I wrote about before.

1.27 Gig of 44.14 copied. This is going to take a while.

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