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Newsscript 1.1 available
The newsscript has been updated.
The new version will allow quick insertion of bbCode like bold text, email adresses:, quotes and the like.

Feel free to test the script using the administrative pages.

The script now also has a preview mode, which was often requested.

Here are the full changes:
Version 1.1.1
- Steamlined workflow in newsadmin.php so much less clicking is required when doing maintenance.
- The email a webmaster receives when a newsitem has been updated is much more readable.
- Lots of code modifications and added comments to enhance readability.
- Fixed a bug that could lead to double entries in the database when updating newsitems.
- Made the dateformats for news expiry and queueing a bit more readable.
- The script now correctly deals with apostrophes ( ' ) in text and titles, like in Persons's Home.
- Fixed a problem with the titles of the user interface.
- Added a much needed preview mode so you can freely change, add or remove text, see how it looks and only if you're completely satisfied commit those changes to the database, previously the item would become available immediately allowing visitors to see all your spelling mistakes.
- The script now not only accepts HTML but also a subset of bbcode, you can easily add hyperlinks, images, quotes, bold, italic and monospaced text. I have decided not to include font formatting like: small red serif words as this kind of thing is deprecated in HTML 4, which the script outputs. If you want to add such styles you have a couple of options: modify the code or write html.
- Almost all options to modify the script to your liking have been moved to configuration.php, you will no longer need to add the database specifications to both the index and newsadmin pages.

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