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After months of stagnation I finally got around to hacking my newsscript a bit again, due to a request from a client that uses a modified version of the script.

I have implemented a nifty calendar function.
View this site's calendar now.

Getting a calendar working proved not to be too great a deal, but getting the code to more or less validate did. It's virtually impossible to create a calender without resorting to tables so I didn't even try, I found some code on that did almost what I wanted but that left out a few cells at the end of certain months. I found the solution to that in a comment on the PHP manual page for the date() function, this comment seems to have disappeared however.

Adding some database logic to those combined snippets wasn't too hard so this site is now the proud owner of a calendar where you can see how little I actually publish each month. For what it's worth.

I'll test the system out for a few weeks and roll it into the distribution so you can take a peek.

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