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Bye bye Macromedia
Everyone who's connected to the internets is probably already aware of the fact that Adobe wants to buy Macromedia.

Instead of rehashing the news here I'll just point you over to Kottke's site for a roundup of the most important pieces.

The way I see it this could be a really good thing. In my mind Dreamweaver is simply the best visual webauthoring tool available, while GoLive is simply not worth mentioning. I know some designer friends are really enamoured by it, but to me it's clunky and produces horrible code.
(Regulars around here probably know I do most of my work in BBEdit these days but I still support a lot of sites that are maintained by others, who don't dream in HTML like I do, so they all use Dreamweaver for that.)
But, to get back to the plot, like I said this could be a good thing. I would expect Adobe to build on the Dreamweaver brand and either ditch GoLive or remarket it as a toy an entry-level webdesign app for graphic designers that build a site once or twice a year. Dreamweaver will still be the dominant platform for full-time webdevelopers.
One can only hope that Adobe does a better job of it's community support then Macromedia has done in recent years. When Dreamweaver 3 was released, with it's groundbreaking extensibility API, developer support at Macromedia was superb. However with the release of MX and later MX 2004 developer support dropped to an all-time low. Even basic support for a Dreamweaver extension often took many many weeks of back and forth emails, often with contradictory information being passed along. To top it all off Macromedia redesigned it's extension exchange so badly that it proved easier for me to remove my extensions than to actually search or download some.

As for what happens to Flash, I don't really care all that much, I fear Adobe will somehow integrate Flash and PDF so that we'll get to enjoy annoying banners and flashing things in PDF documents, which will take even longer to load. Time will tell.

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