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Well, this one has been coming along pretty slowly. It started out with a really distorted bitcrushed bassguitar in GarageBand. This sounded quite a bit like Cliff Burton's Anaesthesia (Pulling Teeth). However I got a bit bored with the fact that it was on continuously. It also just sounded WAY too much like Metallica, so I just deleted the track and put just a bit of some new bass in at the end. The track also features some really distorted flutes and keyboardey * instruments.

Download Synesthesia.mp3 (6 MB).

As usual the GarageBand file is included as a stuffed file in the directory, with a bit of luck you should be able to see the effects I added to the software instrument to recreate Cliff's bass.

*) According to the spellchecker this is not a word (while keyboarded # is), which I find hard to believe so I assume a spelling-checker error.
#) Ahoy, prepare to be keyboarded matey! Yarrr!

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