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Keeping Mr. Jobs fed
This week at MacWorld 2005 Apple has seen fit to counter all the rumors flying about about new products by releasing virtually all said products. There an iPod shuffle which is not meant to be eaten (see footnote 2) and a Mac Mini (hands not included).

But this is not what my post is about (although I like the spin Apple puts on the random factor and although I also like the fact that Apple's webgnomes have been putting in these little details).
This post is about my iTunes Music Store purchases. I've kept you abreast of what I've bought before so it's only fair to continue this growing trend.

Today I bought Haydn's Stabat Mater. I had this on tape somewhere but as I never listen to tape anymore and I've loaned my Griffin iMic to a friend I just bought the darned thing. Cool stuff, if one can say this of classical music (and as it's my blog I'll just go right ahead and say it). If you like Carl Orff's Carmina Burana (the original version, not the hippity hop version of the 90's) you'll probably like this too. It's probably religiously inclined but then we are grown up people around here and we can deal with that, surely.

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